Senior Partners

Gregory Saville

Greg is an urban planner, criminologist and former police officer, specializing in CPTED and urban safety. He is also a consultant in emotional intelligence training. He pioneered the SafeGrowth® model of community development, as well as problem based learning in law enforcement having codeveloped the PTO and PBL programs for the U.S. Department of Justice. He co-founded of the International CPTED Association and co-chairs the Police Society for Problem Based Learning. He is adjunct associate professor at the University of Calgary. In spare moments you’ll find him jamming with other percussionists or hiking the cathedral rainforests of North America.

Shelly Saville

Shelly is an accomplished artist and founding member of the Elm City Artists, a plein air painting group in New England. She has been manager of the Elm City Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut and the Basic Inquiry studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has extensive experience organizing and managing art groups and developing cultural activities in neighborhoods, such as the ArtWalk festival in New Haven. Her paintings have been shown in galleries in California, New England, and Canada. When not painting outdoors, she loves traveling to experience different cultures and explore new places around the world.

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