Our goal is to help change agents transform their workplaces and communities. We accomplish this by advising, teaching, mentoring and consulting in the service of building vital and safer communities. Our expertise falls in a variety of areas:

Our Latest Training Product

Upcoming training certification courses


  • CPTED – 1st Generation CPTED and 2nd Generation CPTED
  • Vulnerability analysis and risk assessment
  • Establishing leadership teams and non-profits to sustain prevention
  • Creating annual SafeGrowth plans with measurable results
  • Robust partnering with police, businesses, residents, developers, community organizations

Crime Prevention

  • Diagnosing crime, crime mapping, crime analysis
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (both 1st and 2nd Generation)
  • Evidence-based prevention planning
  • Safety audits for building cohesion

Community Development

  • The Symposium – visioning and maximizing influence
  • The Search Conference
  • Emotional intelligence for change agents
  • Adapting by learning
  • Problem Based Learning
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