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From urban planning and neighborhood safety to crime prevention and quality of life, our specialty is innovating through turbulent situations. Our programs deliver new approaches emerging from our unique style of creativity-through-action. For example, we work with police organizations seeking new problem-based learning and emotional intelligence in their field training and academies.

We help community improvement associations seeking economic resilience and environmental sustainability while facing social turbulence and crime. We believe in the ability of empowered neighborhoods to craft their own future. The AlterNation vision of great neighborhoods arises from our SafeGrowth© philosophy. Read about it on our SafeGrowth© website.


SafeGrowth® is a new theory of neighborhood planning available all over the world for creating new relationships between city government and residents. Any city can adopt this philosophy thereby creating empowered neighborhoods resistant to crime with residents engaged in planning their own future.

SafeGrowth® is also a series of practical strategies delivered by the SafeGrowth® Network to create 21st Century neighborhoods of livability, safety and imagination. We teach capacity-building through annual SafeGrowth® plans and we establish neighborhood teams networked throughout the city.

SafeGrowth® Network Website

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AlterNation uses powerful technologies of crime prevention and crime analysis, including security technologies, GPS fear of crime mapping, and evidence-based methods such as spatial forensics, a field we developed.

We assist police and law enforcement investigators, community safety planners, government regulators or corporate leaders.

We provide expert court testimony in crime cases and we employ the latest technologies for critical infrastructure protection against major crime and terrorism risks. We help our clients learn how to assess crime patterns, such as crime displacement, and how to develop mitigation strategies.

Why Should You Choose Alternation?

Our Philosophy

The 21st Century must be the Century-of-the-Neighborhood. For too long we have relied on others to solve our problems and create visions of our future. Locally-constituted examples of culture, technology, and pro-social living, provide more resilient visions and solutions. We describe this philosophy in Networked Urban Villages: A Manifesto for the 21st Century and in our book SafeGrowth®: Building Neighborhoods of Safety and Livability.

Organizational transformation

Our organizational programs evolved through years of research and experience in professional, government, community and corporate life. We use the concept of organizational ecology as our foundation – the idea that adapting to change in a turbulent environment is the best way to create a healthy and sustainable organization.


Our SafeGrowth® programming drives all our work to create a safer and livable future. The planning methods we incorporate the latest crime prevention techniques – 2nd/3rd Generation CPTED, digital GPS fear mapping, Livability Academies, and SafeGrowth® Neighborhood Planning. Our certified SafeGrowth® consultants bring years of experience to our clients.

The Denver-based band Moosgh just recorded this music video promoting our SafeGrowth work in the Swedish city of Helsingborg. The city will host a world expo called H22 in the month of June to show leading European city planning and Smart City programs. SafeGrowth is part of this new vision.

What others say about us

Greg Saville has designed a winning roadmap for any struggling community through his SafeGrowth program. In addition to a deep understanding and knowledge for building community safety, Greg also brings an unmistakable sincerity and enthusiasm to his work. I’ve learned a great deal from working with Greg in regards to successful facilitation strategies that have led to direct and tangible outcomes. I’d recommend Greg to any community requiring the very best in guidance.

Greg recently served as a consultant for the NYC Mayors Office of Criminal Justice and successfully executed a capacity-building program … on fifteen public housing development across the city. Greg was efficient and effective in the delivery of his training and provided us with a framework that allowed us to collaborate with residents in developing solutions to community safety. Greg was insightful, reliable, incredibly resourceful and made a vital contribution to our safety initiative.

Greg believes in the potential of people and is passionate about community as interdependent collections of relationships between the players and the places. I’ve been challenged by Greg on my assumptions and beliefs and have grown as a result.

Available Now on Amazon! SafeGrowth: Building Neighborhoods of Safety & Livability

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SafeGrowth is a new model for building crime-resistant and vibrant neighborhoods in the 21st Century. This book chronicles how SafeGrowth and methods like CPTED – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – turn troubled places back from the brink of crime. This book compiles the results of recent SafeGrowth conferences and project work in high crime neighborhoods and it describes a new theory in city planning and crime prevention.

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