The AlterNation Symposium:

Conjuring Consensus — Crafting Community

The core of the AlterNation Approach is building capacities within communities and organizations. We encourage this by providing learning opportunities which we describe below. We also provide expertise in consulting to move communities and organizations forward. All our learning opportunities and services start with the AlterNation capacity building method.

In this symposium we introduce you to our capacity building method we have found to be so successful. You will learn how to plan your own learning journey for encouraging positive change where you work and live.

The method we use is holistic: Conjuring Consensus — Crafting Community.

Conjuring Consensus
Before any positive change can happen people must share a vision for moving forward. We begin the process through our methods of conjuring consensus:

  • Problem-based learning
  • Search conferencing and action research
  • Emotional intelligence for personal and professional transformation

Crafting Community
We then turn to sustaining positive change. This is a major challenge in the global reality of today’s interconnected and turbulent world. Effective responses must evolve naturally in cooperation with specialized knowledge; they must be crafted together.

Our strategies for crafting community include:

  • Restorative action in organizations and communities
  • Culture and art as a change agent
  • Advanced strategies in community development

A Foundation for Moving Forward
The Symposium is the foundation for the learning and consulting at AlterNation. This foundation provides the basis for creating effective long-term responses to a multitude of issues. A sound foundation with proven methods is the best place to start moving forward.

This symposium is for leaders, community builders, consultants, educators, corporate executives, and all those who want to learn new methods for capacity building.