Our Approach

Our vision is a sustainable and safer future within our neighborhoods, particularly one in which we are all engaged. We have three principles that distinguish us from others:


WE USE SCIENCE. Our teams include experienced criminologists, social researchers, urban planners, urban designers, police science specialists, crime analysts, and community developers.

We employ evidence-based methods and we collect, analyze and use data to back up our findings.


We are committed to a future where people everywhere, in all walks of life, have the capacity to build their own vibrant and safe neighborhood.

This means we embed our work directly within your neighborhood and your organization on the street, in the community hall, and within your workplace.


We bring a wide scope of expertise to every situation: SafeGrowth, community development, security and crime prevention, problem-based learning, emotional intelligence competencies, and CPTED. However, problem-solving often gets bogged down in habits of the past. Therefore, we work alongside change agents to reframe problems as we create new approaches for vibrant, safe workspaces and living places.

Our Commitment –Safer Places

For the past few years we have flown the flag of our premiere product – SafeGrowth®. Initially created by Gregory Saville, SafeGrowth® is a new method of community-driven, neighborhood planning in which municipalities refocus how they work with residents.

We are committed to helping our clients learn and practice the methods and philosophy of SafeGrowth®. To that end we have spearheaded, and currently administer, the SafeGrowth® Network of Advocates around the world.

Together, we are developing alternative pathways for our future; It is the pivotal message of the “Alter-Nation” vision. Visit our SafeGrowth website here.