Our Team | Strategic Partners

AlterNation is proud to be affiliated with a team of innovative, game-changing strategic partners. We collaborate and participate with them in a wide variety of ways: some unofficially as conference presenters and organizers and others officially as consulting partners on projects around the world. We consider all of them an integral part of our vision for positive change in the years ahead.


The ATRiM Group: www.atrimgroup.com/
LISC Community Safety Initiatives

LISC Community Safety Initiative:

Peace of the Circle

Evelyn Zellerer: www.peaceofthecircle.com

Police Society for Problem Based Learning

Police Society for Problem Based Learning: www.pspbl.com
International CPTED Association

International CPTED Association: www.cpted.net
PBK Consulting and Macarena Rau

PBK Consulting and Macarena Rau: www.pbk.cl/en



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