Our Approach

We are committed to the future. We help our communities create a vibrant and safe future. We work with change agents to devise visions for a sustainable future, particularly one in which we are all engaged. 


For the past few years we have flown the flag of our premiere product - SafeGrowth. It is a program we created and launched at the UN Habitat conference in South America in 2007. We base in on decades of experience in urban planning, crime prevention, and neighborhood development.

We are committed to helping our clients learn and practice the methods and philosophy of SafeGrowth. To that end we have spearheaded the development of an international SafeGrowth network of Advocates around the world.

We sponsor our Symposium, training programs, collaborative summits, mentoring programs, and research projects to promote, develop, and share this philosophy of neighborhood living in the 21st Century.


We believe the 21st Century needs to become the Century of the Neighborhood. This has many meanings, but at the top of the list is a more holistic, engaged, and collaborative future in which we build livable and safer habitat.

The full description of SafeGrowth is listed on our sister website at


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