Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for Success at Work and Home

A Two-Day Training Intensive

Emotional Intelligence began as a new psychology of personal development in the late 1980s and was popularized by authors like Daniel Goleman, Peter Salovey and others in the 1990s. It has since evolved into an influential leadership strategy and a powerful method for enhancing personal and professional success.

Alternation Consulting and ATRiM Group LLC are now partners in an innovative training program for improving emotional intelligence competencies. This two-day training intensive, which can also run over a full weekend, will revolutionize your performance, leadership and personal competencies for resolving conflict, managing groups, and handling change.

What will you learn?

  • How EI works
  • Assessing your EI and self-awareness skills
  • EI in your own life – every day, every moment
  • Tactics and strategies to enhance EI
  • EI for resolving conflict
  • EI for leading others
  • EI for handling and influencing change

Who should attend?

  • Anyone seeking enhanced performance through self-awareness
  • Anyone wanting to break obstructive habits that block success
  • Anyone looking to build a repertoire of influential leadership skills
  • Anyone committed to resolving conflict at work and home
  • Anyone immersed in rapidly changing and turbulent environments

Our instructors

Our instructors include professionals specializing in emotional intelligence with years of experience as leaders, change agents, and innovators. They have led organizations in many different professions from dynamic corporations to law enforcement and government. They have worked in high stress environments from launching innovative cutting-edge technologies to tackling disorder in high crime, gang neighborhoods. In each Training Intensive they provide a meaningful and rich learning environment with a commitment to sustained learning long after the training is over.

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