Course 1
Crime Prevention

The SafeGrowth® program is AlterNation’s signature program for neighborhood safety and planning. It is an advanced 3-part program including two 2-day workshops and a 2 month long field project with community/police teams.

"The public peace of cities is ...kept primarily by an intricate network of voluntary controls and standards among people themselves" - Jane Jacobs

Safety planning in the 21st Century neighbourhood

Resilient, safe, sustainable

Crime is complex and solving it isn’t a simple matter. Comprehensive solutions must do more than hack at the branches. They must dig at the roots.

One solution is 1st Generation CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design). It cuts crime opportunities by modifying the physical environment with planning and architecture .

Another is 2nd Generation CPTED that adds neighbourhood-building strategies to sustain prevention efforts. SafeGrowth® digs at the roots of crime by transferring solutions like these to local groups so they can co-create plans with police and the city.

Safety and crime

Crime free neighbourhoods

The Alternation LLC SafeGrowth® training comprises two intensive 2-day workshops that bookend field projects by SafeGrowth teams on real-life problems.

Topics include 1st and 2nd Generation CPTED, team management, emotional intelligence for leveraging change, crime analysis, and creating an annual SafeGrowth Plan.

21st Century safety strategies

International speaker, urban planner/criminologist, and former police officer, Greg Saville, will lead participants through a three-part interactive SafeGrowth®and CPTED certification workshop. Created by Alternation’s Greg Saville, the SafeGrowth® model incorporates community building, sustainability and neighborhood safety into planning and urban design practice.


This workshop is designed for anyone engaged in urban development and crime prevention including: neighborhood groups and organizations, city planners, architects, landscape architects, police officers, parks planners, maintenance and facilities managers, project managers, school staff, security officers, campus managers, community association leaders.

To view our SafeGrowth® brochure in PDF (Adobe Reader) click here.

Course 2
CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CPTED for police and security

Intended for police and security first responders and neighborhood policing officers, this two-part program teaches basic 1st Generation CPTED and introduces officers to the basic principals of 2nd Generation CPTED and the SafeGrowth program.

Part 1 is a 2-day workshop that includes:

1st Generation CPTED tactics – territorial and access controls, surveillance methods, and proper place management. Tactics include landscape architecture, traffic engineering, lighting methods, fencing and bollard use, building design, and

2nd Generation CPTED tactics – activating the street with social stabilizers to reduce fear, cultural events as crime prevention, organizing groups to tackle crime opportunities, and building neighborhood cohesion, and reducing crime displacement effects.

Part 2 is a 1-day workshop that includes

Following Part 1, officers form working teams and select local problems on which they can apply CPTED methods. Workshop facilitators certified from AlterNation LLC help each team form a problem-oriented policing plan using the SARA method (Scan, Analyze, Respond, Assess).

Facilitators help teams begin their crime analysis and crime mapping, as well as determining how to assess on-going crime patterns and community-building opportunities that mitigate crime conditions.

Officers then launch their projects by the end of the day and begin the process of implementing their SARA plans in the weeks and months that follow the training. Facilitators help establish a dedicated website for teams to receive additional training material, share lessons, and present their results in the months following the workshop.

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