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Retreats for Plein Air Painters: A Beginners Course

Get comfortable with the method for open air, Plein Air, painting in this one-day outdoor retreat. Make hiking and traveling with your box an enjoyable experience. You will learn the basics for setting up your easel and tips for consolidating art supplies. Develop confidence selecting exciting compositions from quick sketches to the final composition. Learn how to learn from fellow artists in group paint-outs. In a constructive, hands-on environment, you will develop stamina and skills for pushing your painting beyond creative hurdles.

Outdoor Retreat with Fellow Artists

This is a Plein Air painting retreat for artists at all levels. Join a small group of fellow painters and discover some beautiful scenery during a day-long excursion. Learn how to learn in the outdoors. Hone your technical skills and share constructive feedback in a supportive environment. Artists of all styles, from abstract to realist, are invited to participate in a day of fun and work. A walking route is provided that will take you along ideal nature trails for landscape painting. A picnic lunch is provided.

Creating and Managing an Arts Cooperative

Culture and art play a major role in healthy, safe, and vibrant communities, one component of which is the art cooperative. This workshop will give you a hands-on opportunity to learn from an experienced gallery manager and founder of the Elm City Artists group. You will learn tips on establishing and managing a neighbourhood arts cooperative. Topics include:

  • scouting venues
  • alternative methods of community engagement
  • harmonizing artistic chemistry
  • steering through conflict.

You will also discuss strategies for sustaining the cooperative once it is established. This includes developing a public image, crafting PR packages, advertising, and organizing special events.


We invite you to view original paintings by our resident artist. For further information, comments or to purchase a painting contact Shelly Saville at

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